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Aglaonema commutatum

The Aglaonema Favonia has striking green and bright pink foliage, an eye-catching addition to any plant lover's collection! This low-maintenance houseplant is perfect for both novice and seasoned pros. This variety thrives in low light and purifies the air, making it ideal for the home or office.

Comes in a 12cm plastic grow pot. Looks beautiful in our ceramic Oslo cover pots (sold separately).


  • Habitat:¬†Prefers a warm, humid environment. Keep out of draughts or sudden temperature changes.¬†
  • Light: Moderate indirect light or low light. Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Water: Water when top inch or two of soil is dry. Be careful not to overwater, Agalonema prefers slightly moist soil but can suffer root rot if left in standing water.
  • Soil: Use a peat-based soil.¬†Allow to drain. Yellowing leaves or soft stalks are a sign of overwatering.¬†
  • Fertiliser: Feed during Spring and Summer with liquid plant food.

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