About Us

We're a floral botanical stylist & gift store in Matakana Village (next to the famous Farmers' Market). We aren't just a standard florist, we are artists who are passionate about creating floral botanical art.

Our focus is on sustainable floristry, and we're the only florist on the Matakana Coast to offer same-day zero emission deliveries.

  • Tara – Owner

    Since her first job working at Trafalgar Florist and after spending a year in Japan studying Ikebana Tara has had a love of floral art and after many years of designing just about everything else has returned to her first love; flowers.

  • Roi – Senior Floral Artist

    Roi originally worked as a dental therapist but retrained as a florist and has many years experience in the floristry industry. She makes the most beautiful and carefully considered pieces and has an incredible beret collection.

  • Hannah – Senior Floral Artist

    Hannah joins us from the Netherlands where she has many years experience designing flower arrangements and bouquets.

  • Robin – Deliveries

    Tara's husband, Robin, steps in on especially busy days when backup is needed. He even got a 5-star Google review!

  • Cherry – Deliveries

    After running her own successful landscaping company, Cherry has kept her link to nature delivering our beautiful bouquets and house plants.

  • Alex – Student

    Alex is a student at the local college and works part-time with us supporting our busiest day when the Farmer's Market is on. She's also a very talented artist.

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Our Mission: share love through the experience of flowers.

  • Community

    We value and support our local community, including other small business, schools and local growers in our area.

  • Respect

    We listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback into our business processes, and own up when we make mistakes.  We do the same for our staff.

  • Fun & Creativity

    We have fun which in turn leads to creativity and a positive culture.

  • Kindness

    We're committed to being friendly, considerate and generous in all of our interactions

  • Sustainability

    We strive to protect our environment through a commitment to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and moving toward a Sustainable Floristry business model.

  • Lifelong Learning

    We're committed to learning new techniques and keeping up with the latest trends so that our work is always fresh and exciting.

    • We source 50% of our flowers from a local grower.

    • We use non-plastic floristry mechanics whenever possible.

    • We compost all of our green waste.

    • We hand-deliver in electric vehicles.

    • We dry (and reuse) or donate flowers that are too old to sell.

    • We don't use Balloons.

    • We repackage and sell all of our broken flower stems and short offcuts.

    • We buy from New Zealand growers who use sustainable packaging.

    • We use environmentally friendly packaging to wrap our bouquets, plants and gifts.

    • We use natural confetti for weddings and funerals.

    • We don't buy imported roses because they may contain hazardous chemical residues, they have a short vase life and a large carbon footprint.

    • We recycle all of our cardboard.

    • We don't use glitter.

    • We use a simple and elegant paper wrap that's naturally biodegradable.

    • Tara is an SFN Member Florist.

    • We design to avoid waste.

    • We guide customers to better choices.

    • We recycle all of our clear soft plastics.

    • 1. Recycle

      You can recycle (or upcycle!) our gift boxes and Kraft paper.

    • 2. Compost

      Put your old flowers in the compost.

    • 3. Reuse

      Reuse vases and ribbon, or return them to us.