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Choosing Funeral Flowers

Flowers are the traditional way to express condolences or commemorate the life of someone who has died. Whether you are taking care of the funeral arrangements, attending a funeral, or simply wanting to acknowledge someone’s passing, knowing what to choose is important and we are here to help.

During times of loss, it can be overwhelming, and knowing the right thing to say or do can be difficult. 

When it comes to flowers, it really depends on how close you were to the deceased and their family, for example, if you know the deceased loved bright colours then it’s appropriate to choose those colours, but if you didn’t know the person intimately, or are unsure about what to choose, it’s always a safe bet to take the traditional route. 

Traditional Funeral Flowers

White Funeral Flowers

Traditionally, white is the colour of choice for most funeral and condolence flowers. In the language of flowers, white flowers represent peace, innocence, and purity. This makes them a perfect fit for funerals.

White flowers are elegant and understated; they’re not too bright or too flashy, so there’ll be no risk of sending the wrong message. This makes white flowers an ideal choice if you weren’t necessarily close to the deceased or their family.

Examples of popular white funeral flowers include lilies, roses, orchids, carnations, and chrysanthemums.

Our Botanist bouquet is a popular choice for funerals and condolences.

Pastel Funeral Flowers

If you don’t want to send white flowers but still want to play it relatively safe, choose bouquets with pastel-coloured flowers. Blooms in pale shades of pink, blue, and purple will all help you convey love and sympathy in a considerate, elegant, and appropriate way.

Our Monet Vase is a great example and is popular for funeral services as it’s in a vase with water and ready to be placed on or near the casket, or urn.

Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements 

Casket Sprays

One of the most popular arrangements a funeral flower can put into is casket sprays. These are prepared mainly by family members or very close acquaintances of the deceased.  

As their name suggests, they are placed on top of a casket. Fully closed caskets can have full-sized arrangements, while half-closed caskets can have something smaller.


Wreaths are another style of arranging a funeral flower, and it's essentially styled as an open circle adorned with flowers and a ribbon. 

You can place them on the top or along the sides of the casket, propped up on an easel as a standing wreath alongside the coffin, or sit flat with an urn inside them. 

This type of flower arrangement can be made in various sizes and shapes.


Funeral vases provide a sturdy setting for flowers to sit in, are easy to transport, and already include water. They can also be put together in a variety of styles and sizes.

Flower Colours And Their Meanings

If you decide to go for a more colourful funeral flower palette here is a guide to what the colours symbolise:

  • Pink flowers represent love, both romantic and non-romantic, as well as happiness, friendship, innocence, and sensitivity. Examples: roses, carnations, lilies, peonies, and tulips.

  • Red flowers represent deep, romantic love and passion, as well as warmth, courage, remembrance, and respect. Examples: roses, poppies, gerberas, and carnations

  • Yellow flowers represent joy, happiness, positivity, friendship, and fun. Examples: sunflowers, tulips, and lilies.

  • Orange flowers represent energy, excitement, positivity, and happiness. Examples: marigolds, lilies, roses, and certain types of banksia.

  • Purple flowers represent royalty, admiration, and respect. Examples: iris, aster, and lavender.

  • Blue flowers represent peace, serenity, and hope. Examples: forget-me-nots, hydrangeas, and delphinium.

Other Considerations

If you’re taking care of the funeral arrangements, some funeral homes have a preferred florist they use, but you can use your favourite local florist if you choose, just let the funeral home know.

Not all flowers are available year-round so be sure to check out our table showing what flowers are in season.


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