old About us

We're a floral botanical stylist & gift store in Matakana Village (next to the famous Farmers' Market). Our focus is on sustainable floristry, and we're the only florist on the Matakana Coast to offer same-day zero emission deliveries.

Our Difference

We aren't just a standard florist, we are artists who are passionate about creating floral botanical art.

We're also the only florist to offer same-day zero-emission deliveries on the Matakana Coast (from Puhio to Managawhai and everywhere inbetween).

Our Team

We have a talented team of floral artists, who have created for retail, weddings and events, and who also have experience in photography, marketing, graphic design, landscape design and human-centered design, working all around the world.

Our Mission

Sharing love through the experience of sustainable flowers.

Our Values

  • Community - we value and support our local community, including other small business, schools and local growers in our area.

  • Respect - we listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback into our business processes, and own up when we make mistakes.  We do the same for our staff and pay them a Living Wage.

  • Fun & Creativity - we have fun which in turn leads to creativity and a positive culture.

  • Kindness - we're committed to being friendly, considerate and generous in all of our interactions.

  • Lifelong Learning - we're committed to learning new techniques and keeping up with the latest trends so that our work is always fresh and exciting.

  • Sustainability - we strive to protect our environment through a commitment to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and moving toward to a Sustainable Floristry business model.

Sustainable Floristry

We try to use environmentally friendly products and practices as much as possible including:

  • Sourcing flowers locally.
  • Green waste composting.
  • Recycled paper gift bags and tissue.
  • Soft plastic and cardboard recycling.
  • Compostable bags and reusable bamboo towels for water wrapping bouquets.
  • Non-plastic flower products such as paper Gerbera straws and Agra-Wool and flower frogs instead of Oasis for flower arrangements.
  • Zero-emission deliveries using an electric vehicle.
  • Dry (and reuse) or donate flowers that are too old to sell.
  • Repackage and sell all of our short offcuts.

Social Responsibility

Each year we participate in the Peonies With A Purpose campaign to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

When we have excess leftover flowers we donate them to Harbour Hospice in Warkworth.


Matakana Village

We are one of the 25 small businesses which make up the Matakana Village where you can eat, shop and play, and of course attend the famous Matakana Village Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings. Matakana Village is open 7-days a week.